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Fence, Gates, Bollards


We can paint em, We can Build em...up to 16 feet

 Item  Steel & Aluminum  Cast / Wrought Iron
 Straight  $6.50 per sq. ft.  $7.00 per sq. ft.
 Gate  $6.50 per sq. ft.  $7.00 per sq. ft.
 Gate over 8 linear feet  $8.00 per sq. ft.  $8.50 per sq. ft.
 Post (60")  $30.00 per post  $35.00 per post

House Colors We Stock with No Charge to the Customer,

Gloss Black, Flat Black, White, Red, Yellow

If you need a specific color, you pick and the Customer pays invoice cost...

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Spectra Coat or Powder buy the Pound is our main supplier of small amounts of powder.

Check out their selection and let us know your color.

They ship same day.....Order 3 pounds for a set of wheels (4)

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Prismatic has over 6000 colors

Prismatic is another excellent supplier

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